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The very last day you clock out from work also marks the start of a new phase in life —retirement. Finally, it's time to unwind, explore new hobbies, and spend more time with your grandchildren or pets. But as you age, you also need to deal with a new set of physical, medical, and financial needs.

Even if you prepared well for retirement, there are many senior-specifc risks which could result in financial devastation. The elder law attorneys at the Family First Firm understand these risks as we have helped countless clients overcome them. They work to ensure you enjoy a good quality of life without exhausting your assets and life savings.

If you're planning on leaving an inheritance to your loved ones, our Orlando elder law attorneys can in creating a plan that will protect it for you - and for them. You can start the process with a free consultation today.

How Asbury Law Can Help

Our Orlando elder law attorneys can sort out the financial risks of aging and assist you with the following:

Medicaid and other benefits;
Asset Protection;
Wills, trusts, and powers of attorney; and
Long-Term Care Planning. 

When it comes to senior care, nursing homes and long-term care facilities offer the highest level of care. In these institutions, you can expect to get top-notch living and medical assistance 24/7. Unfortunately, nursing homes can charge a fortune. You may have heard all kinds of horror stories where long-term care has drained retirees and their families financially dry.

At Asbury Law, we believe establishing a good quality of life should not cost you everything (e.g., like your home or  life savings). As a first step, our Jacksonville elder law attorney will assist you or your loved one in protecting your assets while securing your Medicaid benefits. That way, you can significantly reduce the costs of long-term care. The process can be complex and overwhelming, but our lawyers will simplify everything for you. Additionally, if you were already denied Medicaid, our elder law attorneys can file an appeal on your behalf. We will take proactive measures to mitigate the financial complications that long-term care and unplanned medical expenses can bring.

Asset Protection And Estate Planning

Saving thousands of dollars in long-term care means that your hard-earned assets and life savings will be set aside for what matters most. This is the goal of asset protection. To ensure your future remains in good hands, our Orlando elder law attorneys will work with you to make comprehensive plans for the inevitable.

Our estate planning services include arrangements in case of incapacitation, so that your family can avoid a costly guardianship case. We can also assist you in creating and managing trusts, drafting a last will, and going through probate. When you work with the Orlando elder law attorneys at the Family First Firm, your last wishes will be carried out in every detail. Our lawyers can start discussing the specifics once you schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Asbury Law ?

Individually-Oriented Solutions

At Asbury Law, we work with senior clients and their families to comprehensively address legal roadblocks. Our Medicaid and estate planning services are tailored to fit each client's current and future needs.
Assist Clients In Every Step

Applying for benefits, guardianship, creating wills or trusts, and establishing other forms of asset protection can be overwhelming. To ease the stress, we are here to guide our clients and their family members every step of the way.

Credible and Highly Trusted

Accessible Legal Services

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